Business and Executive Coaching: What It Is and How You Can Benefit from It

Business and Executive Coaching: What It Is and How You Can Benefit from It


Research shows that business owners who hire a professional coach see an incredible 86% return on their investment. But you have methodically worked your way up to the top of a major company, so could business and executive coaching possibly help you?

You bet it can! Today, we’re discussing a few ways even the most successful business owners can benefit from coaching services.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

What is Business and Executive Coaching?

In laymen’s terms, business and executive coaching is the personalized guidance of the way your business operates. Your coach will take into account your organization’s systems, tasks, and goals to ascertain how you can best move forward. In a sense, it is a combination of motivational coaching and a reality check.

How Can It Help Me?

As the economy is stabilizing, companies have discovered that finding and keeping good leadership has become more difficult. In this respect, a company may seek coaching for an entire leadership team.

On the other hand, you may be an executive that feels you have hit a plateau and need a helping hand to break through the glass ceiling. Or, you are new in your leadership position and could use help redefining your role in the company and impressing your superiors.

Business Coaching for a Team

When it comes to your leadership team, the ideal word is synergy. Synchronization and teamwork are essential to drive your business to the top, but you don’t want your executive leaders acting as cogs in the wheel.

Team coaching will not only help your leadership’s synergy but also teach them to have the inspired thinking that is necessary to address multifaceted problems.

Executive Coaching for an Individual

One-on-one executive coaching will give you the customized, individual attention and support you need to soar to the top in your field. A coach is there to discuss the decisions you make and to guide you to your optimal performance and solutions. Perhaps most importantly, the skills and business success you will gain may affect your earning potential.

Learn From Others’ Mistakes

How many times in your life have you said, “If I only knew then what I know now”? Your coach’s experience is the number one reason you need their guidance.

Your coach will have seen just about everything over the course of their business and executive coaching experience. They will be a well of knowledge, so spare yourself expensive or embarrassing mistakes with the support of an outside sounding board Use their insights to give you the edge to get beyond your personal roadblock.


Your executive coach will help you set goals. They will give you guidance with brainstorming and support to implement a strategic plan to grow your productivity successfully — and in turn your career or your business.

The great thing about a coach is that they aren’t your boss.

Rather, your coach is an objective partner that can give it to you how it is. This person can evaluate your actions, or lack thereof, and identify where you are deficient.

Career Development

An executive certainly needs to grow as a leader. Yet, you may be lacking skills in marketing, negotiating, finance or a new technology. Your coach can help you identify your deficiencies and build new strengths in a positive non-judgemental, supportive relationship.

Our Conclusion on Coaching

Regardless if you are a new CEO or if you feel like your career is in a rut, it is essential to get help early and often. The experience and accountability your business coach delivers will propel your productivity and confidence to new measures.

If you think business or executive coaching is right for you, or if you have more questions contact JAS Leadership today. Can you really afford not to?