We recognize that leadership is demanding.  With the diversity in employees, the cultural differences in organizations that span multiple cities and/or countries, it can be difficult to achieve a coherent structure.

We understand that some organizations still wrestle with a multi-generational workplace, gender issues, and personality types that can change business dynamics.  There are proven ways to tackle these issues, and we will provide you with guidance through the most challenging diversity concerns.

Because of our own team diversity, we understand the challenges involved in getting multiple individuals and multiple teams to progress together.  We will teach you how to make your business partners cross the finish line together and ahead of the competition.

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Motivation and Engagement

We are experts at motivation and engagement!  That’s why we prefer to work in small groups for our workshops.  In that way, we’re able to offer you an individualized approach to learning.  Even though it may necessitate more than one facilitator, we believe it allows us to provide you with a quality experience.  We have multiple coaches at JAS Leadership which allows us to match your company’s core beliefs, values and personality with the perfect instructor.

Let’s face it, the workplace is becoming increasingly complicated. We have more age groups, more nationalities and more diverse preferences than ever before. Because of the ever changing economic climate, workplaces are going through consolidations, mergers and reorganizations on an ongoing basis. This onslaught of change is taking a toll on employees and can result in lowered morale and disengagement. Employees who were previously happy at work are becoming downright disgruntled.

If you are seeing this happen in your organization, we can provide you with coaching and/or training programs to turn this around. One solution is the workshop “Shine –Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People”, developed with exclusive rights to Dr. Edward Hallowell’s best-selling book.

We create an environment that energizes everyone.  If you’re seeking to inspire excellence in the workplace, and drive engagement and motivation, we’ll train you in the scientifically based process designed to improve passion, and productivity.  We generate a contagious and creative learning experience that will give you the tools to propel you to career brilliance.

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Pipeline and Succession Planning

People focus on career success, and are frequently rewarded for hard work with a promotion.  But organizations often fail to plan how to fill the newly vacant position.  JAS Leadership is here to show you how to eliminate that dilemma.

While many organizations spend a lot of time searching for good people for their leadership teams, it’s often most efficient to promote from within.  Internal people are “known quantities,” and are already familiar with how the company works.  JAS Leadership talent development programs provide methods for growing your organization’s own leaders and building a strong leadership pipeline, so you don’t need to search for outside talent.

We will support you with effective and proven ways to cultivate your future leaders to be successful by being prepared.

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Training for Trainers

training-trainersWould you like the ability to have a sustained, systemic organizational training program?  JAS Leadership offers several specialized workshops in which we provide training for your in-house trainers.  With this training, your trainers will become qualified to deliver ongoing coaching and talent development programs to all levels and teams in your business.

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