Our Process

As JAS Leadership founder Janine Schindler likes to say, “Even a Stradivarius needs to be tuned.”

That’s how she sees her clients – top of the line in their respective fields and seeking what might be missing to support their excellence. That’s where our executive and business coaching comes in.

At JAS Leadership, the idea is to set goals with our clients and then support them in realizing those goals, typically in areas of career development – i.e. leadership presence, executive presence, improved communication and building followership.

Here are the facets of a typical coaching engagement:


Fact-Finding Phase

We begin with an assessment that helps us identify where you are now and what you really want so we can set goals that inspire and excite you. We strive to take you beyond the comfortable and into the challenging in creating ambitious goals that are realistic with a stretch, goals that will motivate you to reach your full potential.

Exploring Options

What avenues might you take to get to that coveted place stated in your goal? Surely there are choices to be made at every level. We’ll shepherd you through those, giving feedback on proposed possibilities and supporting you as you take steps from the most basic to the very daunting.

Devising a Plan

We know where you want to go. We’ve even outlined some options on how to get there. Now it’s about crafting the plan that will yield the desired results. Along the way, we keep you motivated and calibrate your commitment and enthusiasm. We find an enthused client is ultimately a satisfied, accomplished client.

Alignment Check-ins

Maybe something drastic happens in your life over the course of the coaching. Might that affect your previously set goals? We check in and make sure yesterday’s goals are still today’s goals. Perhaps the shift is more subtle. We will sense that and assist you in adjusting on the fly if need be. Your goals should grow with you.

Tools and Accountability

The power of coaching lies almost solely in having to account to another human being what you’ve accomplished in a given day, week, month. We have methods and systems we’ve been using for years to keep our clients on track and in a flow. As blocks emerge and fears bubble to the surface, we are there to guide and encourage and remind you of your goals and progress to date.

Revel in Successes

Since we’ve been there every step of the way, who better to celebrate with when the occasion calls for it? Our clients’ joys uplift us and give us the impetus to keep pushing and supporting. We recognize the importance of taking a moment (or two or three) to congratulate and acknowledge milestones.

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